1 1/2 inch, Celtic Braid Leather Medieval Belt

Custom Horse Lord Sword Belt for J.B.

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  • Manufacturer: Earthly Leather Design
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Earthly Leather Design Hand Made Belts are made to order, and take aproximatly 14 days to make and ship.

This Customized Theoden of Rohan Sword Belt was Requested to be as close as possible to the one in the Movie as we could produce. We even approached some metal workers to see if the Bronze fittings could be duplicated within the Customers budget. Sadly This is the closest we could get at the moment. Many of the Metal workers we contacted had full queues, so we made due with tooled leather painted to look like bronze fittings.

Press Embossed Celtic Braid Pattern
2 Inches Wide Tapered to 1.5 Inches wide
Airbrush Dyed and Sealed
9-10 Ounce Leather Body
9-10 Ounce Leather Fixtures in place of Bronze
5-6 Ounce Scabbard Straps
Antique Brass Teutonius Buckle Set
Antique Brass Swirl Rings
Additional 22 inches from the waist size, for the loop & hang.

Each of our Belts is made and cut specifically for the size you give us.
If you choose a buckle, the Size you give us will be the middle buckle hole. You will have 3 holes forward and 3 holes back for adjustment.
If you choose a ring, the Size you give us will be where you knot the belt behind the ring.
Please be sure to given us your actual Waist Measurement, not your Pants Size and not the Total Belt Length.

Our Leather Products are made from good, quality, heavy duty leather. As with many other items made of good quality heavy leather, many of our leather products will start out stiff and require a break-in period. I guarantee the leather of your item wont break or tear, with reasonable use, and that it will last you years to come.

Many pant manufactures do not make their pants using actual waist measurements for their waist sizes. For example I once had a man buy a 30in waist belt, because that is what size his pants are. He got it home and was very angry because it did not fit. When he came back I measured his waist. His waist was 36 inches and that is the size belt he needed.

~How To measure your Waist Size
1) Take a tape measure, and/or peace of string/rope.
2) Put the end of the string on the button of your pants and wrap it around once.
3) Pull the String/Rope to the tightness that you will wear the belt.
4) Mark where the string meets on your button.
5) Measure the length of the rope.

~How to measure your old belt
Buckle; Measure from the fold holding your buckle to the hole you use most.
Ring; Measure from the fold holding your ring to where the belt passes through the ring.

When you measure for your size please measure where your belt will sit. So if you’re a lady and wear low rise jeans measure where your jeans sit.
If you have any questions please contact me.

All Leather Products are made after purchase.
All Pictures are examples of Products, and may not be the exact piece you receive.
Pattern may vary on Tooled/Stamped Products.
Shade may vary on Dyed Products.

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