Traditional Back & Side Quiver, Heavy Leather

Custom Embossed Trad. Back/Side Quiver, Heavy Leather for A.J.B.

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  • Manufacturer: Earthly Leather Design
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This quiver was custom embossed with our Large Swirl Pattern, while keeping the trim plain, and the straps embossed with our Small Swirl design.

Traditional Back  & Side Quiver, Heavy Leather

Earthly Leather Design Target Archery/Hunting Quivers are made to order, and take aproximatly 21 days to make and ship.
We have rated this quiver for hard outdoor use such as hunting. This is a harder, more heavy duty, leather than our other Target Archery Quivers.

Measurements are 23.5in long, 3.5in in diameter at the top, 3in in diameter at the bottom
Will hold approximately 12-18 field tip arrows, or 6-8 broad-head arrows.
Airbrush Dyed & Sealed (color options are the same as the strap color options)
5/6 ounce veg tan leather body
9/10 veg tan reinforced bottom
1 1/2 inch, Patterned Trim
Hand Stitched & Braided with Leather Lace
Sheep Skin/Wool Lined Opening
Your choice of Buckle & Ring Set

Traditional Shoulder Strap;
You will have 3in of adjustment tighter and looser, from the measurement you give us.
8/9 ounce leather
1 1/4 inch wide
Pattern and Dyed to match Trim
Antique Brass or Nickel Buckle & Clips

Side Strap;
8/9 ounce leather
1 1/4 inch wide
Pattern and Dyed to match Trim
Antique Brass or Nickel Ring & Clips

~How To Measure for your Shoulder Straps
1) Measure from middle of shoulder blade that you draw from to your SolarPlexus or where you want Buckle your buckle to sit
2) Measure from Solar Plexus/Buckle to the back of the hip that is oposite the shoulder you draw from.
3) Measure from Solar Plexus/Buckle to the back of your other hip. The one under the shoulder you draw from.

~Measurement Tips
1) Get someone to help with measuring
2) Hold Measuring Tape Snug, not tight.
3) Dont let Measuring Tape Twist.
4) Wear your Shooting Clothes when measuring
5) Use the diagram in the pictures as guide for your measurements.

All Leather Products are made after purchase.
All Pictures are examples of Products, and may not be the exact piece you receive.
Pattern may vary on Tooled/Stamped Products.
Shade may vary on Dyed Products.

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